Vox BC112 Black Cab Series 1×12″ 70w Guitar Cab


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Vox BC112 Black Cab Series 1×12″ 70w Guitar Cab. Mint.

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Heres what Vox say:

The VOX Black Cab Series BC112 can be used anywhere with any guitar head delivering unexpected quality of sound whenever you need it.

Black Cab Series – Redefining the Speaker Cabinet
Coming to the sound, structure and design with a new approach, VOX have created the Black Cab series with an aim of redefining the speaker cabinet.

Inspired by the Unique design philosophy of VOX, the Black Cab series delivers never before experienced flexibility and sound quality.

Unlock Your Amp Head’s Potential
The structure of the cabinet has been meticulously considered in every detail from the ground up including the carefully selected speaker right down to the simple, minimalistic design in basic black.

Since the speaker cabinet is the final component of your rig it has an enormous impact on your sound. Selecting a well-designed, high quality cabinet that pairs well with your amplifier can drastically improve your tone.

With the Black Cab Series, you can take full advantage of your guitar amp head’s potential and perform with the best possible sound.

Celestion V-Type Speaker
For a huge step up in sound quality in the BC112, VOX have carefully selected a Celestion V-Type 12-inch speaker. This incredible speaker provides well-balanced sound from the low to the high ranges, retaining the rich mid-range sound that the world expects from VOX.

By mounting the 12” speaker on the front the sound is cleared and is able to disperse over a wider range. Using a semi-open-back structure with an oval port offers a tight low-frequency sound that retains its high quality. The overall result is a powerful, forward-projecting sound.

Sonic Options
Two VOX BC112 cabinets can be connected in parallel. While a single unit allows up to 25W at 8 Ohms output, connecting two units allows up to 50W at 4 Ohms output for an even great volume. You could use one cabinet for practising and recording while taking two cabinets out for live performances, connecting them in parallel when you need to take it up to 11!

VOX Black Series Cabinet BC112 Specs and Features:

1 x 12” Celestion V-Type 12 8 Ohm Speaker
Max Input of 70Wrms
Two Input Jacks
Weighs 13.6kg
Includes Speaker Cable
Unique, Semi-Open Back Design for Enhanced Low Frequency

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