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Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunken Treasure Limited Run 1/150 2016 – River Green – 9.9/10 Mint Condition.

With a tear in our eye it’s time to let this one go. This one hasn’t been played to our knowledge and if it has you’d never know… As such the guitar is in pristine condition, essentially as you’d expect to find hanging in a guitar shop. A truly limited run guitar with only 150 pieces available using the absolute best quality Tonewoods your ever likely to find. This guitar is only ever going to increase in value with only 150guitars made, with 75 only in the River Green colourway.

Gathered from the lagoons and rivers in Belize the woods in this guitar were thought to be lost for up to 200 years. Gibson collected as much as they could to make a select range of guitars known as the Sunken Treasure Les Pauls. These guitars are unlike any other you will find today due to the age of the tonewoods.

Nowadays when companies talk about Mahogany they are actually talking about a strain called Sapele. Back in the 50’s and 60’s however they were using different strains that are now much harder to get a hold of. It is part of the reason why some Gibson Custom Shop models say they are made of Genuine Mahogany just like this treasure.

Now while knowing the exact strain of this Mahogany is extremely difficult, the fact that it would have sank up to 200 years ago hints that it can be only be one of the strains that we do not see very often anymore. The guitar is incredibly weighty and as such we believe to be genuine old wood from the golden years of guitar making.

What Is Bullet Wood?

I don’t think this wood has ever been used on a production guitar before. Bulletwood as it is most commonly known is an extreme dense and strong wood that is native to South America, Central America and the Caribbean and is quite rare to find on a guitar. It lends itself really well as a fretboard wood.

’57 Classic Pickups

A classic looking Les Paul had to be fitted with some equally classic sounding humbuckers. Balanced for a smooth and rich tone that matches the output levels of classic PAFs these pickups are a dream for blues and rock players. If you like your tone a little bit dirty with beautiful midrange a smooth high end you will love what these pickups do.

Gibson Specifications:

Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 2
Grade: A
Binding: Cream

Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 1 or 2
Binding: None
Weight Relief: Modern
Average Weight (body only): 5 lbs. 14.4 oz
Body Contour Carve: Classic

Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 1

Truss Rod: Les Paul
Profile: 60s Rounded
Thickness at Fret 1: .818″
Thickness at Fret 12: .963″
Average Weight: 1 lbs 2.0 oz
Peg Head

Type: SP1-B
Inlay: Gibson Logo
Peg Head Binding: None
Logo: Gibson Logo, Mother of Pearl
Silkscreen: Gold Gibson “Les Paul Model”
Headstock Angle: 17 deg.

Neck Fit
Joint Angle: 5.0 degrees
Joint Angle Tolerance: 0 deg 0 min 15 sec
Type: Mortis and Tenon
Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50
Gauges Used: Pitch Height Gauge, Alignment Gauge

Style: Nut
Material: Tektoid
Width: 1.695″
E: .046″
A: .036″
D: .028″
G: .016″
B: .011″
e: .009″

Wood Species: Reclaimed Bullet Wood
Pieces: 1
Shade: Medium

Fingerboard Details
Radius: 30.48 cm / 12″
Frets: 22
Nut/End of Board: 4.3053 cm / 1.695″ @ nut, 5.7404 cm / 2.260″ @ end of board
Scale: 62.865 cm / 24.75″
Binding: Cream
Side Dots (Color): Black

Fingerboard Inlays
Style: Trapezoid
Material: Mother of Pearl
Dimensions: Large: 16.51 mm x 29.718 mm / 0.66″ x 1.17″
Small: 6.096 mm x 39.624 mm / 0.24″ x 1.56″
Average Weight: 117.93 g / 4.16 oz

Tuning Keys
Style: Vintage Style Keystone
Material: Zamak
Weight: 1 oz

Tuning Keys Details
Tuning Ratio: 14:1
Gear Type: worm
What is allowable turn: +/- 4 degrees
Plating specs: Chrome
Part numbers: 430-14139, 430-14140

Style: Pinnacle TOM
Material: Zamak
Plating Specs: Nickel
Part number: 430-14384
Weight: 50 g / 1.7 oz

Style: Stop Bar
Compensated: No
Material: Zamak
Plating Specs: Nickel
Part number: 430-10173
Weight: 82.21 g / 2.9 oz.

Output Jack
Style: 1/4″ mono with dual tip contact

Jack Plate
Style: Les Paul Square
Material: Nickel
Part Number: 430-19460
Weight: 6.0 g / 0.21 oz.

Strap Buttons
Material: Aluminum
Plating Specs: None
Part numbers: 430-19160 / 430-19160E
Weight: 4.0 g / 0.14 oz.

Pick Guard
Style: None
Part Number: N/A

Truss Rod Cover
Style: Blank Black/White Bell
Part Number: 430-19382

Style: Amber top Hat
Part Number: 430-19631
Dial Pointers Yes/No: No

Control Plate(s) (Backplate Cover)
Style: Stainleess steel infused polycarbonate for Electrostatic Discharge protection
Part Number: 380-12209

Control Plate(s) (SwitchPlate Cover)
Style: Stainleess steel infused polycarbonate for Electrostatic Discharge protection
Part Number: 380-12211

Switch Washer Style: None
Part Number: N/A

Trim Rings
Style: Low Cream, High Cream Humbucker
Part Number: 430-13894 / 430-13893

Case Style: Les Paul Hardshell
Color: Brown
Strap Locks: None
Tools: Truss Rod Wrench
Manual: 2.5mm Hex adjustment wrench, polishing cloth
COA/Other: Gibson USA Owner’s

This guitar is in 9.9/10 Mint Condition. It still smells new. Comes with Gibson certificate, case etc as pictured.

Guitar will be well packed and sent fully insured with UPS. Thanks for viewing!

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