Fender Bullet Single Cutaway with Maple Fretboard 1982 Red

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Fender Bullet Single Cutaway with Maple Fretboard 1982 Red, Excellent Vintage Condition 9/10.

Original Case, Manual & Hangtag Included also in Excellent condition. Made in the Fullerton Plant USA.

These make excellent stage and front person guitars. This one is in fantastic condition, the electric and frets are great aside from a small and useful addition of a bright switch. Please understand this is a 40 year old used vintage guitar and as such there are some very minor blemishes to the body showing signs of use. Nevertheless this guitar has been very well cared for in its time and shows no significant wear (study photos carefully).

Plugged in the guitar sounds great and resembles a mix of classic strat with a sprinkle of tele / mustang. A light guitar with two Fender single coil pickups, tone and volume control and 3 way toggle switch.
The nut width is 41mm, providing a very accessible and comfortable neck, typical of a late 70s/80s CBS Telecaster. The tone is what surprised us most about this little guitar – its absolutely killer, powerful strat twang.

A bit of history:

The Fender Bullet guitar was designed in 1981 as a low cost student instrument to take the place of the Duo Sonic and Music Master. Potentially a USA made collectible student guitar of the future.

Fender designer John Page put the original instrument together. Fender produced the original 1981 guitars in the USA putting to use left over parts from other guitars. These have Telecaster necks, Mustang single coils and a compact cutaway alder body.

The 1981 Bullet
The original bodies were designed to resemble a smaller and thinner version of the Telecaster. The necks were Telecaster necks. The dual pickups were Mustang pickups which were positioned like the Duo Sonic.

That is the neck pickup was angled on the treble side and the bridge pickup was parallel to the bridge. The switch was a three position Stratocaster Switchcraft version. The two potentiometer knobs for volume and tone were white or black Stratocaster knobs.

They came in two colors and two versions. The color was red or cream and pickguards white or black. The Bullet Standard had a powder coated steel pickguard with the distal lip behind the bridge raised at a 90 angle to anchor the strings.

Guitar will be well packed and sent fully insured with UPS. Thanks for viewing!

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